iPhone Battery Replacement

Do I need my iPhone battery replacing?

Is your battery no longer holding its charge as long as you’d expect? Or perhaps your iPhone is indicating that it requires a battery service or your battery health is indicating low? It could be time for a iPhone battery replacement! 

When should I get my iPhone battery replaced?

We recommend having your battery changed when either your iPhone indicates that the battery requires a service, or your iPhone battery health starts to creep below 80%.  Leaving the battery health to deteriorate below 80% can lead to further issues especially if your iPhone battery starts to swell.

What are the most common signs I need my battery changing?

Apart from the obvious being that the battery is no longer holding charge as long as you’d expect, we’ve listed some other common battery issues below which may indicate its time for a new battery! 

  • Your iPhone is ‘dying’ at random percentages
  • Your iPhone is taking much longer than usual to charge, or gets stuck at certain percentages
  • Swelling to your battery indicated by a small gap starting to appear down the left side of the device. 

How can I check my battery health?

To check your iPhone battery health, simply head to settings, scroll down to battery and selec

t battery health.  Once you are within this setting, you’ll see a percentage as pictured below.  If the battery health percentage is below 80%, we recommend getting in touch for a battery replacement to ensure no additional issues occur.  If you don’t see a percentage and instead see a dashed line, this

either indicates that your battery health has degraded below a percentage that the device can


read, or there is a further issue with your device such as the data line from the battery connector on the motherboard.  If this is the case, simply get in touch and we can resolve the issue for you!

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone battery?

Our iPhone battery replacements start from as little as £19.99 supplied and fitted.  Included in the price is our 12 month warranty on all of our iPhone and Android battery replacements, along with, where applicable, a replacement water and dust gasket to ensure the display is seated and sealed to a factory standard. Simply click the link below to get booked in now! 


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