Apple Watch Repairs – How it’s done!

Apple Watch Repairs

How much does an Apple Watch Screen Repair cost? 

The Apple Watch screen repair cost will be dependant on two things. Firstly, which series of Apple Watch you own.  Secondly, the damage to the Apple Watch.  If only the glass digitiser of your Apple watch is damaged, we can offer you our Apple Watch screen repair service.  With this service, just the glass and touch panel will be changed retaining the original Apple OLED display panel underneath.  If you have been unfortunate enough to damage both the glass / digitiser, and the OLED display underneath, the repair will be much more costly. 

How can we replace just the glass when the glass is bonded to the OLED panel?

Through extensive testing and researching, we are able to replace just the glass retaining the original Apple OLED display underneath.  This process starts with the display being heated to around 100°C to allow the adhesive to becoming tacky and loosen allowing the display to be removed from the Apple Watch. Once the display is removed, we carefully use a diamond grinder to grind away the curved glass edge on the Apple Watch, leaving just the flat main screen surface.  Once this is removed, we can use a 0.03mm wire to carefully separate either just the glass, or the glass and touchscreen part of the display assembly.  After separation, we have to clean and remove any of the old OCA (optically clear adhesive) that bonds the glass to the OLED display panel underneath. Next, we align a new glass, or glass and digitiser panel to be laminated to the OLED display.  This is completed using high end, advanced machinery and skills to perfectly laminate the replacement glass to the OLED. After lamination, we have to leave the display in a heated pressure chamber for 3-4 minutes to heat and pressure seal the OLED to the new glass touch screen to ensure a perfect finish with no bubbles.  To finish the job, we use a premium quality waterproof bonding silicone to ensure a factory standard finish before clamping the display to the watch for 24 hours. 

Will my watch be waterproof after a repair?

In short, we don’t guarantee that your watch will be submersible and waterproof after the repair has been completed.  Although we use a premium waterproof adhesive silicone to ensure an excellent seal, there are other variables that cannot be controlled that can cause the device to allow water in however, we complete many Apple Watch Repairs on a daily basis and have never had an iWatch come back for water damage after repair!

Do you repair Apple Watch Batteries?

We certainly do! We complete all repairs for Apple Watches from simple battery replacements and software fixes, through to advanced OLED refurbishment and motherboard level fixes. If your battery is no longer holding charge as well as it used too, it may be time for a new one! As with our Apple Watch Screen Repair service, Apple Watch Battery Replacements are also issued with 12 months warranty and are fully resealed with the same waterproof adhesive we use to complete the rest of our Apple Watch Repairs. 

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