Water Damaged iPhone – What to do?

Just dropped your mobile phone in water or left it out in the rain? Follow our guide below to try to fix your device!

1) Remove the device from the current water source and dry off any excess water on the outside of the device with kitchen paper or similar.
2) Immediately power off your device. As soon as you have dried the external surfaces of the device, power the device down if still possible, and do not attempt to charge it. Doing so is likely to cause damage to your logic board inside the device which can be costly to repair!
3) Don’t bother using rice, it’s a myth. Instead, fill a freezer bag with silica gel and sit the device in this for 24 to 48 hours.
4) Once allowing the device time to dry in the silica gel, try to power it on. If it now powers on, great! If not, were happy to help.

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