Micro Soldering

Micro-soldering Repair Services

iTechnologyRepairs offer an all in house micro soldering repair service for all electronics with services available to both individuals and corporate clients alike. We pride ourselves on offering our bespoke micro soldering repair service with fast turnarounds, great prices and a lengthy 12 month guarantee!*

Whether you require a one off repair, or you’re looking for a micro soldering repair partner for your local mobile phone shop, iTechnologyRepairs can certainly help. With our fast services and excellent prices, its no wonder we have many returning regular corporate clients sending in an array of work ranging from dead iPhones and iPads, right through to damaged HDMI ports on games consoles. There isn’t much that we cannot fix. As with the rest of the services that we offer, our micro soldering repair service is also completed on a no fix no fee basis, so if we cannot fix your device, there is nothing to pay!

Micro soldering is the process of soldering individual components on a logic board, usually just a fraction of a millimetre big. These components fail for an array of reasons from water damage and damage from using aftermarket charging cables, to weak pads below the integrated circuit chips and electrical failure of the components. A common example of a logic board level fault is the Audio IC repair for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. This issue is commonly associated with the loud speaker option being ‘greyed’ out on your calling interface and the inability to record voice notes on your iPhone. The general cause of this issue is a design fault within the logic board allowing the board to flex and eventually severs the lines that run between the Audio IC and the logic board. There are 4 pads underneath the Audio IC that commonly sever, so our repair service for this issue will work to rebuild these pads with micro gauge wire to rejoin the Audio IC to the correct component on your logic board.


How much does your micro-soldering service cost?

For common motherboard issues, eg the Audio IC issue on the iPhone 7 range mentioned above, we can provide a quotation before taking a look at the device. For other, more complex logic board repair services, we may need to examine your logic board prior to providing a quotation. Don’t worry though, we don’t charge to take a look and provide a quote!

Do I still receive a warranty on logic board repairs?

We cover all of our logic board work by our 12 month warranty, excluding water damage and data recovery work unless otherwise stated by our technicians when a quotation is provided. For all details on our warranties, please click here.

How long does your logic board repair services take?

Depending on the fault, our logic board repair services can take anything from half an hour, to 7-10 days. All details in regards to the timing will be provided as an estimate at the time of providing a quotation to you. Please note, these times are an estimate and on some occasions may exceed the estimate if further faults are discovered with your device.

Can you recover data from my logic board?

We do offer a data recovery service for all mobile phones and tablets, however the price and time to complete the work will usually exceed our usual micro soldering repair prices and time lengths. Please click here and fill in a contact form with as many details as possible, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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