LCD Refurbishment Service 

What is LCD refurbishment?

LCD refurbishment is the process of delicately removing just the glass layer from a bonded display on a device to save money for the end customer, along with retaining the original manufactured LCD or OLED panel underneath the glass. We pride ourselves on offering an in-house LCD/OLED refurbishment service with quick turnaround times and a lifetime warranty for both our corporate and non corporate clients. This service is of course only available if your original LCD/OLED panel is free from damage.

Why choose this service?


Not only is this service better for your pocket, its also better for the environment as there are rare elements and expensive electronic components within the LCD or OLED/AMOLED panel on your display. With our glass only refurbishment service, we remove only the cracked glass layer from your display, clean away the old adhesive, laminate a new glass piece and bond the two layers together using highly advanced compression and vacuum chambers!


For repairs on iPads with a bonded panel, iPhones and iWatches, this service is usually a fraction of the cost of replacing the full display panel, which isn’t usually needed. We also offer corporate pricing for larger businesses and other repair stores that don’t currently offer this service. If you are looking for corporate pricing, please get in touch via our corporate account form by CLICKING HERE.


Not only is our refurbishment service better for the environment and saves you the cost on a full new display, it also retains your original LCD/OLED panel underneath!


As well as offering our LCD/OLED refurbishment service to retail customers, we also have the capacity to support trade customers alike.  By opening a trade account with ourselves, you benefit from fast turnarounds, lifetime warranty and excellent trade pricing.  We can deliver an outstanding service every time whether you’re a client sending 1-2 or 50-60 displays a week.  Our state of the art equipment enables us to provide an industry leading service for iPhone, iPad and iWatch glass only refurbishments.  Click HERE to get in touch today regarding our corporate accounts!

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