Providing Premium iPhone Repair in Leicestershire

Getting an iPhone repair Leicestershire hasn’t been easier. Simply select the model of your iPhone and the repair that you require and instantly see the price that we charge! Once you have selected the individual repair that you require, you’ll be able to see the availability, the repair time length, the warranty and the cost for this service! If you require a repair that isn’t listed, please select ‘other’ and complete the contact form and our technicians will be in touch to discuss the repair!

Our bespoke iPhone repair service has evolved with the iPhone since its original release back in 2007. We offer a premium iPhone repair service and have strict quality control to ensure each and every repair we carry out is completed to a factory finish. We take great care and pride in completing every repair to a premium standard and where applicable, we will replace the water and dust gasket in your device, and restore True Tone from your original display to the new one that we fit.

We believe the parts that we fit should last a lifetime, so where possible, we offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects to the parts that we fit. This does however exclude our battery replacements which are issued with a 12 month guarantee as these are consumable components.


How long will my repair take to complete?

Once you have selected the repair that you require, you will see a timeframe that we estimate it’ll take to complete the repair for you. If there is going to be a delay, our technicians will let you know beforehand.

What warranty will I get on the repair?

We believe that the parts we fit to your device should last a lifetime, so all main component repairs (excluding micro-soldering repairs and battery replacements) will be issued with a lifetime warranty! Our micro-soldering and battery replacements are issued with a 12 month guarantee.

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